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Join our daily workout classes for free for the first 2 weeks. Allow our community to help support you and build your accountability 💪🏽 Classes include strength training, Zumba, mobility!

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1:1 Personal Training

Personalized training that we create together, based on your movement history, current goals, strengths + temporary weaknesses, and what makes you happiest doing. 

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Buddy Sessions

Want to save a bit on personal training? Let your workout buddy join us to make it more fun + manageable. Virtually or in-person!

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More than half the process is the FUEL you put into your body. Let’s work together to find a realistic approach to your plate based on your likes and lifestyle. 

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About YourNorth Hollywood Personal Trainer - Maddie Casadonte

I’m SO happy you’re HERE hi! Maddie here. I appreciate you scrolling all this way  and pray we can grow together in some way. Again, I’m Maddie — a certified ACE Personal Trainer, workout instructor, a dancer / dance teacher by trade & a Zumba instructor.

My passion is helping others find their fuel & navigate a path towards the most confident version of themselves. From WITHIN. All while implementing tools and techniques that STICK — especially when life gets inevitably get trying  A bit about my rocky journey..!

North Hollywood Personal Trainer The Boots Camp Owner Maddie CasadonteLiving my whole life in front of a mirror at my dance studios, confidence was my weakest suit. I was constantly comparing myself, being unkind to myself. I wanted to see every version but myself in front of me. Not that I was exactly nutritiously-inclined (other than the meals my parents fed me) but I didn’t understand why I never saw a difference in the mirror when ALL I was doing was dancing. Like 40+ hours a week I was like WTF and it got too easy to be hard on myself. It never changed my love for dance though. Dance is another language of mine in a way lol.

I continued to dance throughout college as a Minor, and over the summers was when I yearned for more movement (not for the best reasons, thanks to the mean voices in my head, but I think working towards quieting mean voices in your head is always progress). 

I began to lift weights, and well, they pretty much saved my life and became my safe space. I saw results that I NEVER saw when dancing. Results I had been waiting to see all my life. Results that made me feel CONFIDENT I kept going. My motivation transformed from wanting to “be skinny” to LOVING feeling STRONG. And wanting to show up for my body because I was alive and ABLE to. And how much of a privilege that was. (side note — I suddenly lost my dad 7 years ago so that shit HITS when you finally get to see it that way and is motivating as hell)

(It was slow, but SURE)

This kept going for YEARS After I graduated college, while I was full-time dance teaching and nannying for a couple years. Right up until I moved to LA — when I naturally got a little lazy with it while I was getting adjusted, and as I started dating my significant other. And then BOOM! COVID SWEPT IN.

So essentially for a second, I continued to be a little on and off with movement, until I got uncomfortable in my skin again, and hopped right back on the consistency train and figured out how to get moving at home. It was a pretty smooth transition.

But this time … my confidence wasn’t bouncing back like I thought it would. I was looking strong, feeling good in my skin, but wasn’t feeling good good all the way around in my soul. I hadn’t really felt like this before. 

What I realized was that my soul missed teaching. At the time, dance teaching, as that was the only teaching I knew at the time. I missed seeing the excitement when my students recognized their improvements, and watching them grow literally in front of my eyes. I so deeply yearned seeing pride in peoples’ eyes and helping them get to that point. 

But at the time, I was just thoroughly unfulfilled by the fact that, at-home, some people didn’t KNOW how to move their bodies in a way that was cohesive to their strength and goals. And I wanted to change that.

Unintentionally, but I guess subconsciously I was thinking about a name for an Instagram to start up for content to support this, and one day, the day it all started, I was working out on my balcony and “Boots Camp” just kinda came to me. My nickname is Boots to my family and I love a pun lol. 

My intentions with it were just to post workouts with dumbbells really, stuff that was in most homes. And provide as much info as I could to help others’ processes at home. And because of this yearn to teach I guess, I randomly asked my loved ones & friends who followed me to hop in a pop-up virtual class with me, and lo and behold, it’s been a whole year and I’m still teaching those classes ten times a week lol!

I became a certified trainer, turned into a small (big to me!) business where I host personal training, live workout classes, Zumba classes, all both virtually and in-person. I offer nutrition consulting and options for success no matter what your goals or your pocket looks like. Fitness should be DOABLE no matter what no matter what no matter what. 

I’d love to offer you your first class free so you can get a lil taste of Boots with no strings attached. I think we’ll love each other though lol! Again, I’m really just so happy you’re here I hope I get the chance to grow with you. 


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